Online Review Management and Analytics for Hotels

Positive Sentiment specializes in monitoring, analyzing, and responding to online guest reviews to improve the reputation of hotels. Our staff is comprised of seasoned hoteliers with over twenty years experience in online review management. We only work with hotels, which means all our strategies and techniques have been developed to help your hotel improve its online reputation. Request a personalized quote to start building Positive Sentiments today.

Monitor Hotel Reviews

Monitor Hotel Reviews

Travelers share their experiences on review websites and social media–Google and TripAdvisor are some of the most common platforms for guest reviews. Over half of the travelers will not commit to a hotel until they have read these online reviews and learned about other guests’ experiences. We monitor these online guest reviews 24/7/365 on the following channels:

Expedia Partner Central (Expedia,, Travelocity, Orbitz) (examples: Choice, Hilton, IHG & Marriott)

When potential guests are reading your online reviews, we want them to see an overall Positive Sentiment to capture the most future reservations.

Respond to Guests

Respond to Guests

Responding to guest reviews and engaging social media feedback increases top-line revenues – every hotel operator’s goal. TripAdvisor reports that 86% of travelers use online sources when choosing their accommodations. Engaging these online sources assists you in converting the traveler who is researching your hotel into a traveler who has booked your hotel.

We respond to online reviews on behalf of hotel management, allowing them to focus on guest experiences, staff, and hotel operations.

96% of travelers consider reviews important when researching a hotel
80% read at least 6 to 12 reviews prior to booking
80% of travelers believe that hotels who respond to their reviews care more about its guests
85% agree that a thoughtful review response improves their impression of a hotel.

SOURCES: SiteMinder Survey & TripAdvisor 2017

We actively respond to online feedback to let travelers know that you care about guest satisfaction.

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Analyze Results

Analyze Results

Guest feedback is a gift and much too important to ignore. We offer hotels a more efficient way to manage their guest feedback while still allowing them to own the process and keep management engaged. Our Online Sentiment Managers work for you and become a valued part of your team. We provide you with useful sentiment analysis to keep you informed and allow you to celebrate strengths and resolve vulnerabilities. Additionally, we provide you with benchmarking against 3 competitors of your choosing.

We are hoteliers who only work with hotels. All our Online Sentiment Managers are seasoned hotel professionals.

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