How to Get More Five Star Hotel Reviews

The staff has done their job well, the hotel looks fantastic, and the overall atmosphere at the property is upbeat. As guests check out, you see many smiles and hear great comments about their stays. Now, all that is left to do is sit back and wait for the five-star reviews to roll in, right?! Sadly, it isn’t always that easy. Keep reading to learn the best ways to generate more 5-star hotel reviews from the professional online review management team at Positive Sentiment.

Provide 5-Star Service

If you want to receive five-star reviews, be sure to provide experiences that are worthy of them. If guests are thrilled with their stay, they are happy to let others know about it. Regarding hotels, that means keeping the property clean and well-maintained while providing friendly, efficient service. Good service is the most crucial element when it comes to receiving 5-star hotel reviews and maintaining a good reputation.

Ask for Hotel Reviews

This is the most tried and true way to generate more reviews for your hotel. Every staff member should be trained to identify when a guest is happy and to be forthright about asking them for a review. The most obvious time and place to ask for reviews is when the guest is checking out. The desk representatives must engage the guests to see how their stay was and ask them for a review upon finding out they had a positive experience.

However, never ignore the opportunity for other employees to interact with your guests to solicit reviews. Servers, bartenders, valets, housekeepers, and maintenance team members can interact positively with customers and ask them to leave reviews.

Offer Employee Incentives

Incentives will motivate your staff to ask your guests for reviews. Individual incentives or group celebrations for hitting monthly review goals can generate results, as can competitions among different departments for review mentions. Ultimately, the more positive hotel reviews you can earn for your hotel, the better.

Make it Easy for Your Guests to Leave Reviews

The easier it is for your guests to leave a review, the more likely it is they will. There are several excellent review sites that your hotel can benefit from being reviewed on. and Tripadvisor are excellent choices, but if you can only pick one, Google Business Reviews are the best choice.

Google is the most used and trusted search engine in the world, and the reviews you receive help your search engine optimization, which equals more people finding your business. As a leader in digital marketing for hotels, we have seen the extraordinary impact that frequent positive Google Business Reviews can have on the success of a hotel.

When a guest says they would happily leave a review, ideally, you want to email or text them a link to your business profile to make a response as easy as possible. Additionally, you can display QR codes at the front desk and in elevators that, when scanned, bring the guest directly to the review site.

E-Mail Reminders

Once a guest has provided their email address, following up with a thank you for their business and a reminder to please post a review is perfectly acceptable. Automating responses with review site links can easily be established.

Utilize Positive Hotel Reviews on Social Media

As you receive excellent reviews, spotlight them to other prospective clients through your hotel’s social media channels. Doing this is a great way to promote your reviews across different channels and expand your online presence. You can have your regular customers agree to offer testimonials that you can share on your social media sites; they might also reshare it on their site.

Answer Your Reviews

Take the time to answer your reviews, both positive and negative, as it shows that you care about the feedback that guests have taken the time to share and can help your search engine optimization on Google as well. Also, when guests see you take the time to respond to reviews, they might be more likely to write a review.

A Better Choice for Hotel Review Management

If you would like to discuss the value of reviews further or, like many of our clients, don’t have the time to respond to reviews promptly, contact Positive Sentiment for exceptional online review management services. Our proven hotel review management service can improve your customer’s experience and increase traffic to your hotel.